Struggling to Increase Your Customer Base?

Too many times a small business owner will take action based upon their own point of view. Whatever your business we can all benefit from taking the time to think like our customers. Now on a different subject (for another blog) is actually knowing who your ideal customer might be.

For now let’s say that you know who your ideal customer or client is. Take these steps to increase your market share now:

  1. Check out your competition. This means having someone visit their store if a brick and mortar type of business, check out their website, social media, etc. What are their customers saying about them? What are they offering that you don’t and the opposite what do you offer that they don’t?
  2. Ask current customers. Get curious about them and find out about their hobbies, jobs. What keeps them coming back to you? What could you do to improve?
  3. Top of mind awareness. This means that it is vital to have an online presence. The average user now spends an average of 6 hours and 43 minutes online each day. ( Not only should your business be alive and well on social media but also have a website and GMB page.
  4. Hire a professional. Sometimes it’s really hard to be all things to all people. If your small business started out as your passion and you find yourself spending more and more time wondering how to get everything done then it’s time to get help. It does not require lots of money or time to let a professional marketer cut through the craziness and give you a plan to increase your market share.

Upward Consulting LLC can help your local business. I provide a FREE initial consultation that includes a written strategy recommendation to increase your business revenues, customer acquisition and retention.

Published by Upward Consulting

I love helping people and businesses. Not all marketing is created equal. A smaller business might need just a little help with social media or maybe lots of help with branding and campaigns. I can help with both or right in between. If you are looking for measurable marketing results without lots of expense- you've found the right place.

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